Thank you for considering using Tenshi Financial and Insurance Services.

To receive quote for Covered California, the California exchange please do the following:

To receive a quote, please go to:

To check if you qualify for subsidies, please go to:


If you choose to sign up for Covered California/the Exchange, please go to the following site:

When you have started your application, on the top right please select Need or Get Help. Then you select Find a Certified Enroller near You. Then finally you select Find an Agent. You can search by my first and last name for me specifically. Jessica Hughes in Castro Valley,

To receive a quote for an off-exchange plan, please send me email at a request for an Off-Exchange quote.

I will respond to your email with a secure email. Please simply respond to this email with the information below, do not change the reply line, etc:

Your Initials
Zip Code
The ages of you and your dependents at coverage start date

After you receive the quote, if you wish to have an off-exchange plan, please fill out the application that will be provided.

Please remember, there are no subsidies for off-exchange plans. Please contact your accountant or advisor to make sure it is the right choice for you.

Please sign up in a timely manner. If you miss your deadline, you often cannot receive these benefits until open enrollment.

Remember, you do not have benefits until you receive confirmation from the carrier with proof you are enrolled.

Please let me know how else I may be of service. I am including more information below that is of importance. I realize there is a lot of information, but this is an important decision, and I want you informed and happy with your choice.

Thank you for considering using us as your agent for health insurance. Before we start, please consider the following:

1. Do you think you will need subsidies? If so, you must use the exchange.
2. Rates generally change in January. So if you buy a plan in December, the rates will change the following month.
3. You can’t change your plan mid-year, unless you have a qualifying event.
4. Which doctors do you want to have in-network? Please check the network for the carrier you are considering.
5. Please make sure you are comfortable with the premium.
6. Please make sure you are comfortable with the out of pocket.
7. Consider the deductible of the plan.
8. Think of any health events you have coming up when choosing your plan.


These are only some of the questions to consider. Also, please feel free to consider the following web-sites, and please make sure they are not out of date:


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