There is so much training you need, as well as notices for your employees. Summary Plan Descriptions, notices on employees rights…And advice on your HR.

It's enough to give you a headache.

We provide you a customized web-site for your existing employees that includes Summary of Benefits, and other notices that the government requires. We also can setup and maintain an human resources information services program as a service that makes onboarding a snap.

If you are an existing client, please login to your complimentary Human Resources advisor service at

If you are an existing training client, please login to your training at

Also, we help you choose your compliance provider should you wish one.

We work with:

Sterling H S A
Among many others

Our Clients Say

"Tenshi Services provides top notch benefit care for our employees and gives us the best values for our benefits, saving us money and providing excellent services for our employees year after year"

Qylur Security Services

"Tenshi takes such great care of benefits around here, I don't even think about them anymore. They used to be a constant headache."


"Tenshi Services got us squared away to keep us sqaured away. There were so many rules, we can always rely on them to keep us out of trouble and take care of our employees. Tenshi Services is amazing."

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